News Show like BBC world in spanish with text?

I am wondering if there is a Daily News show or just world news and affair,politics in spanish i could download as a podcast and something that also has the text for it?

I have episodes of Buenos Dias America on my Beyond pod app but something that i could read with the program would be great, focus is on Latin America Spanish. Any ideas would be great!

Puedes mirar en la página web Es el canal de radiotelevisión público.

Noticias | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News NHK World has their daily news articles in spanish with the audio podcasts available. There is also Radio Praha Noticias de la República Checa | Radio Prague International
Euronews These don’t focus on latin america but I have still found them to be a tremendous help.

Try “Informe Semanal”. It’s available at the public rtve channel that Sandra suggested. Transcripts are available: