News Radio in Classical Latin!

News Radio in Classical Latin!

(website is partially in Finnish)

One day we will do Latin here, it is on my list of languages to learn.

Optime, Steve! :slight_smile:
Spero me cito linguam latinam in sito LingQ discere posse.
I haven’t written anything in Latin for more than ten years. While my passive skills are still very good, because I have been training them even after the end of my high school studies, I only did active translation homework in the first two years of high school, so I am not really able to write much in Latin, but I’d love to. And, please, after Latin… ancient Greek! :wink:

Amazing hearing this, Latin brought to life !
I think it sounds great, very Italian sounding (as one would expect).

It’s been nearly 30 years since I vowed never to pick up another dusty old school Latin book ever again. However, if LingQ one day offered a rich library of authentic Latin audio/text, with both contemporary and ancient content, I would do it.

And LingQ will have achieved something quite amazing.

Latin, yeah! I’d be up for that.

Will we get a cartoon of Steve in a toga?

Ouch. A heavy Finnish accent. In fact, I first thought they were speaking Finnish.

@ astamore:

Come, my songs, let us speak of perfection -
We shall get ourselves rather disliked? (question mark not by Ezra Pound)

On the other hand, there is this:

Quamquam ridentem dicere verum
Quid vetat? Ut pueris olim dant crustula blandi
Doctores elementa velint ut discere prima. (Horace, Satires)

And yet, why may one not be telling truth while one laughs, as teachers sometimes give little boys cakes to coax them into learning their letters?

What are Finns doing with Latin anyway? Finnish must be one of the few European languages that isn’t Indo-European in origin, and therefore not a relative of Latin.

I would love to learn Latin the LingQ way. Petronius would be the first author on my list

Personally, I’d like to hear modern day stuff. “Who is She?” in Latin, why not ?

Quis est puella?

I think that was the first sentence I ever learned in Latin.