News on Swahili - 2 years later?

I got in touch with staff at LingQ 2 years ago, it was around April 2020, and I got told that the plan was to get Swahili on the website by that summer.

As time passed and as I saw that this plan was not being followed, I started to check in only every few months to see if there was any sign of anything moving about it.

Today was one of those days, but what I found was a recent (around 3 months ago) message somewhere in the forum saying that at the moment there was no plan for Swahili.

Now, can I say I am very discouraged? Exactly 2 years ago I got told that it was a matter of weeks / very few months, and 2 years later not only there has been no progress but things have actually moved backwards.

Can we get something moving on Swahili? It seems like it is an interesting language for many, and it seems like there are plenty of resources to make it one of LingQ’s languages.

Can we get clear communication on what is going to be done and on the timescale? Undermining this point really makes the sentiment a lot worse than just a clear “No, this is not going to happen” or “Yes, this is going to happen in three years from now”.


Our content team checked the Swahili Mini Stories and decided that audio quality isn’t good enough. Swahili (and any other language) won’t be released unless we get better quality audio.
At the moment, realistically, Swahili won’t be added any time soon.

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What can be done to move Swahili closer to being available?
@zoran, Please add anything my list is missing.

Audio needs to be re-recorded for all 60 mini stories
A list of Swahili news sources needs to be collected
Users can contribute other content

Also, please tell us if Swahili will still be prioritized after many other languages, even if this content is provided.

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@MatteoSposato Swahili is moving, 10 mini stories have been submitted, once we know if they’ve been approved the native speaker can do more mini stories


Are there any updates on Swahili?


Any updates about swahili ?

Yes, it’s almost ready to go, now it’s up to our team to decide when they get a chance to add it. At the moment we are preoccupied with other stuff but Swahili will be added.


Thanks for the answer !

Great news, thank you! Is any other language also on the way?


Yes, Afrikaans, I’ve been working on it for almost a year. it only needs a grammar guide. Basically everything is done before they can add it.


I am seeing this now as I absolutely randomly found that Google returned a LingQ result when searching for Swahili stuff. So confused to find it here based on previous feedback, but happy it is here even if in beta!
I have gathered really a lot of content over time and I’d like to put it out there / submit it to LingQ staff now that Swahili is a language here


A comment was made a month ago about Swahili being close to finished. So I’m not surprised it’s here now. What does confuse me is that there’s been no announcement about this at all.

I’m just happy that it’s finally here, although now I’m not able to commit as much time to it as I’d like because of learning other languages, but it’s good that it’s here so we should just be thankful.