News in Slow French...Is it worth it?

I stumbled upon the News in Slow French website. There seems to be a lot of study material. Has anyone tried it? Any thoughts?


I learn primarily through audio and less through reading. That makes me wierd as far as this site is concerned. My method, however, works. What “works” means is that at the end of a six month sprint I can usually understand the spoken language to about a low intermediate level. Spoken.

From that perspective, yes, I would say slow spoken youtube channels are useful.
But only if you are ready. If you haven’t already listened to something like TPRS for maybe 100 hours AND you don’t have enough exposure to vocabulary you might find it too quick or unintelligible (even though it’s “slow”).
IF you are ready, then slow spoken sites absolutely are part of the journey.

That said, all of the above is my way of doing things. Your mileage may vary.

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I used that website a ton! I would say a large portion of my reading was from their content. I would definitely give it a go for a month to see if you like it. Unfortunately though Their content isn’t in the québécois accent. But it is still good to learn from.

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Also GreenGuy if you know of any Resources or YouTube channels that are in the québécois accent that you enjoy can you please share them with me.

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maprofdefrançais has lots of good videos on YouTube, talking about and describing québecois French and also talking about various aspects of québecois culture… They are by a certain Genevieve (who is of course québecoise!) I would shoot her a message and ask for suggestions for quebecois content…she’s a specialist in teaching québecois French to foreigners, so I bet she’d have lots of ideas!