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I guess there are not that many of you who study Latin but if you do this might be of interest. Yle Finland’s equivalent of BBC has a news service in latin. They broadcast news every week (mostly on Friday) and it consist of recent events and human interests. For the most part they have matching scripts to text and their archives goes as far back as 13.12.2010 (as of 4.11.2015). The website is only available in Finnish but if I am correct they have a dictionary (in English, German and Finnish) for some of the key Latin words that come up in the news broadcast in. I haven’t bothered to look too much into it since I am not at the moment interested in studying Latin but I thought it might interest some of you. If you like to download the audio you can do it by pressing on the button lataa which is Finnish for download.

I tried to post a link but it just didn’t work anyway if you google Nuntii Latini and choose the first website that comes up you should find it.


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