News Feed interaction & navigation

The News Feed is very useful and I like it. Thanks!

The problem with it is that when I find an article that I want to read it replaces the current page. When I finish the article and return to the feed I have to start looking through the list from the top all over again. The News Feed is quite long – there are many new articles daily – and always returning to the top of the list and having to search for where I left off is a sub-optimal user experience to say the least. Most articles are quite short, so I tend to want to read several during a session, but the system as it currently works fights against me.

It would be best if you could either have the selected content open in a new tab, or perhaps remember where the user was in the feed whenever an article is selected and go straight to there when the user returns to the feed.


Is it also possible to exclude the article from the list if it has already been imported by me?

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Hi Khardy and Ress,
Thanks both for your feedbacks and suggestions. I will forward this to our team and we will see if we can make improvements.