Newly uploaded lessons/courses are not showing up in the main lessons page

New uploaded lessons/courses are not showing up in the main lessons page. “Login - LingQ
I have been sorting the page in any possible way, and also searching them too.

i can only see them with my course id number in PC Login - LingQ

I can only see them under recent lessons in mobile app
My main concern is after i open other lessons from other courses, they will disappear and i cant reach them in my phone.

Is it a database problem? Does anyone notice the same issue?


yemre, I thought they had fixed it as I’ve not been seeing the issue in the past couple of weeks, but prior to that I had seen it for a few of my lesson imports. I’m pretty sure the lessons are still there. You can actually get to them indirectly (just import a lesson, then you can click on the one you want and “save and open” it. Very roundabout way of getting at it so not ideal so hopefully there’s a fix soon.

I hope so
Actually now i noticed i can move lessons to “visible” courses. But it would take years :slight_smile:
There are a lot of them, bcz it was a bulk upload.

I checked the course before i started uploading all of them but i thought the course would eventually appear

I expect they are there somewhere. I often struggle to find my own previous imports. I think this is something LingQ could improve, with a button to click for “my uploads” or “lessons / courses uploaded by me”… if such a button does exist, I’ve yet to find it!

Sorry about this. There seems to be a delay there. They do seem to appear after about 10 minutes. We are looking into fixing this once and for all.

Yes, yesterday i noticed that my imported lessons are no longer showing up in the corresponding tab. The new courses that i create and the quick imports do not show up to me either.
Also it seems that the LingQ importing extension stopped working too.

It is working now :slight_smile: Some old courses appeared too :slight_smile:
I really appreciate how Lingq improved in any field: mobile and web.

I took some lessons from this situation :slight_smile:
i uploaded 500 text files, but i shouldnt have uploaded more than 10 of them, and let the “course” appeared. Then, i should have moved on uploading the remaning.

OK, I hadn’t understood the issue! Anyone just looking to easily locate lessons they’ve previously imported themselves, the button does exist. It’s hidden under “Classic”, then “my imports” :slight_smile:

That won’t help people who have created accounts in the past few years… :stuck_out_tongue: Those imports should show after around 10 minutes in My Lessons if you choose to sort by Newly imported. You can also switch to viewing Courses in My Lessons to help sort things better or to find your courses more easily. We are working at resolving this issue.