Newer material not showing in app version of playlist

Hi there,

I’ve got a fairly large playlist of German material. Without counting, I’d estimate 60-70 individual lessons. At least, that’s how it looks in the desktop version of LingQ.

Usually, I have no problems getting LingQ audio to work on the app version on my phone (Samsung E6653, Android v. 7.1.1) and I like mixing things up by putting the playlist on shuffle and letting that run whilst I’m at work. However, the newer lessons are not showing up in the playlist, which stops when I scroll down to a certain point.

Is there a limit to the number of lessons that can be added to the app version of LingQ?

Sorry to hear that.
I believe playlist should show 100 tracks, and if you add more, newly added should appear instead of the ones you added earlier.
Do you have latest app version installed? Can you please try to reinstall it and let me know if that helps? Thanks.

Question: One of my students is reporting the same problem. In the settings for the playlist, there is a place to set the number of lessons in the playlist. Mine and my student’s were by default set at 500. Is this control not a real control?

Also, is there a place here at LingQ that tells us what the maximum number is for lessons allowed on the playlist? I only found it mentioned here on the Forum.

Thanks for the prompt reply!

I don’t think it’s a capacity issue now, as I deleted one of the older courses from my playlist - one which has faithfully shown up in the playlist of the app version for months now. This did not solve the problem.

I had played with the idea that it might be because I’d only partially completed the course - I’d completed some lessons from it and not others. However, then I noticed that lessons from other, partially completed courses were showing up in the playlist. So it’s not that.

The only other thing I can think of is that the lessons I’m trying to get across to the playlist unsuccessfully were imported from YouTube by another user. I don’t have problems getting non-YouTube material from other users into the playlist, so I wonder if it’s a YouTube thing?

@Jingle Is your student using iOS app? If so, that control exist on the iOS only and it’s working properly there.

If lessons are shared in LingQ library, you should be able to add them to playlist, no matter where they are imported from.
Please message me on support(at) with link to one of lessons you have a problem with. I will then investigate it further with our Android developer.

No, not on the iOS app. We looked for it on Android, and of course, didn´t see it. This control is available on a PC.

But the student was experiencing the problem on his Android phone.

Hi Zoran, have sent an email (9th July) to the address you gave. Hope it got through okay :slight_smile:

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