Newer LingQ Features that I like

I really like the new feed. I have been able to discover lots of Spanish content on LingQ I would have never found using the classic list.

I observed a new statistic in the new feed which is highly valuable: percentage of new words!

That percentage of new words stat is very cool. I’m finding that at my level, most intermediate to native level content is 20% to 35% unknown. Which means I know about 75% of the words in any random reading – which means I’m making a lot of progress. Wow!!

I enjoy being able to import my own reading content immensely. This allows me to learn from alternative sources.

I love the playlists on the Android App. Even though sometimes the listening statistics don’t update, I really like listening to content like Radialistas while I drive. If I didn’t have this option, my in-car listening options would be super limited as an intermediate learner. And really, the car is where I get 80% of my listening practice.


The new version of LingQ is much better for me. I’m finding Japanese much easier now the Asian script settings have hiragana (furigana). I can now read aloud without constantly going to the side bar for a word explanation. I really hope the new android app (LingQ Ver. 4) has this feature.


We’ll try our best to include this in the new mobile apps but probably not in the first version. The superscripts in the text are much trickier in the mobile interface for some reason. But, actually, the experience when reading in the mobile browser is pretty good now. You may want to give that a try. And, there you can see the scripts.

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