Newbies Question? What workflow should I have in my when beginning in lingq?

Greetings I am trying to understand if I should be reading my learner content like a regular book: reading for the ideas behind the words partially ignoring the foreign language themselves (besides marking unknown words) or should I be reading the lessons them scrutinizing each part… listening and reading… again and again… What kind of workflow should I have ?

My feeling is the most important is to do what will keep you going. Beyond that though, I think there is benefit from scrutinising and repeating, in terms of helping it stick in your brain well enough to one day produce it yourself.

But without reading for the ideas/meaning I think the latter is useless, if that makes sense. Maybe you can do a mixture of both? But save the scrutinizing for shorter pieces or those that really interest you?

For me, the repetitive listening really helps some of the grammar/structure sink in a bit more unconsciously.

Like debbielim says, do a bit of both. Get a feel of what works best for you. Always remember “the Importance of Having Fun”: it is vital to enjoy what you are doing when learning a language.

Learn from others, but don’t compare yourself to them. We are all different. My learning style is all over the place, but it works for me.