Newbie Question For Japanese Language Learners

The words in the Japanese lessons are split apart into their component words. That does not seem ideal. Despite that, has anyone had a positive experience with the Japanese lessons? Have you had a more positive experience with LingQ than with another learning tool like Anki? Please tell me how so. I watched some of Steve Kaufmann’s videos and he is really inspiring, so I’d like to think the learning tool he endorses is worthwhile.

Do yourself a favor… use chrome and get rikaikun app. It lets you hover over words and kanji and gives you possible meanings.

It is a problem in the beginning: where words end and begin are really confusing at it… but it starts to get much better once you get a better hold on the language.

Are you talking about the gaps between words in lingq? If so, that can be changed in your settings. Go to settings(the gear)> hide spacing

I have had a very positive experience with lingq. It’s been one of my most valuable study tools. You can import your lingqs to anki easily so I actually use both.

That being said, I started using the site when I was and an intermediate level and could differentiate between words. I don’t know if a beginner would have much success using it as spacing on lingq is a bit of a disaster. It does not accurately space between words so you need to be able to figure out where each word ends and begins. As others have said, I recommend using the “hide spacing” option.
Rikaikun is a big help as well :slight_smile:


I agree. Overall Lingq is great. I Have learned so much german Russian pretty much exclusively using Lingq. With my German at this point, I can now learn and it doesn’t even feel like studying. I can just enjoy a book or an article and I’ll constantly pick up words as I go.

I can say though, that I really had trouble with lingq at the begging of my Japanese. Japanese has a couple big difficulties. No spaces in normal Japanese and the poorness of google translate. I was really struggling for a good 6 months in the beginning. It wouldn’t have taken me that long if I wasn’t constantly doubting myself and being worried about the fact that it was too hard. Now, I am using lingq much easier and have much more confidence.

I cannot recommend riakaikun enough. You can hover over characters and other words and that will help you create your own lingqs for words. I also whole heartedly recommend Japanese from zero videos, He really explains things clearly and helped me a lot. null - YouTube

Also recommend this grammar page goes over some of the most important basics of the structure. Jim Breen's Pages Have Moved

On on the subject of dictionaries I would definitely avoid google translate for Japanese. Jisho and weblio (two dictionaries offered on lingq) are much more accurate and dependable.