New World Cup Jerseys for your Avatar

We thought we would have a little fun this World Cup by introducing team colours for your avatar. What better way to celebrate the international nature of our community and the range of language and interests we find here!

Starting today you can outfit your avatar in any of the uniforms worn by world cup teams from countries that speak the language you are learning. Studying Italian and want to show your support for “gli azzuri”? Get your Team Italy jersey. You only need 20 coins to get the jersey, boots and shorts. If you’re short a few coins, get creating LingQs and you’ll earn those coins in no time.

See the team outfits added today -

Oh yes, I get a Germany strip. They are the best!

What does somebody learning English get? There are four English speaking countries in the World Cup (if you don’t count Ghana and Cameroon). I bet Spanish is a problem too. And Portuguese? (facepalm)

Love it!

Although I am an admitted francophile, I’d much rather my French avatar wear a USA jersey. Would it be possible to let all the jerseys be available regardless of language? I’m assuming that this is meant to be a limited time thing anyways.

@ColinJohnstone - Yes, we will be adding all the English speaking countries including Ghana and Cameroon and you’re right, there are a lot of Spanish speaking countries to add! Brazil and Portugal too. Fortunately, each additional country is not a tremendous amount of work.

@Davidjvl - We talked about that since we figured people would want to do that but in the end we decided to stay with tying the jerseys to the language you are studying. We want to encourage people to study languages! Plus, the list of outfits would become way too long. You could always create a bunch of LingQs in English although that would only then allow you add that jersey to your English avatar.

I guess the problem with the Spanish kit just got a bit easier!

I am going a bit crazy for the World Cup kits in my three languages.

In my main LingQ language, Italian, I completed the Azzurri kit yesterday just in time for them to be knocked out of the tournament. Now I have to go for the Swiss team as my next goal.

In Spanish, which I’ve barely studied at all on LingQ but have a B2-ish level in, I did a lot of reading yesterday and this morning to get some coins and move up a level so now I have the shorts and shoes for Spain, Chile, Argentina and Mexico! But my avatar doesn’t have a body yet so I can’t get the shirts at the moment.

Hopefully over the next few days I will do some work on French so I can get at least the shoes and shorts for the French team (like Spanish, my avatar has barely hatched though I have a B2-ish level). I guess Cote d’Ivoire must be available too, and I suppose Switzerland again.

Thanks to the LingQ for motivating us (or, at least, me) with the World Cup kits!

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Today’s update: I just read a long story on Roman aqueducts that ended up having 140 lingQs, so now I have the whole kit for the Nati (the Swiss team) for my Italian avatar.

For Spanish I see that Los Cafeteros (the Colombian team) has just been added, so I picked up the shorts which is all I can afford at the moment. Still waiting for Uruguay, Ecuador, Honduras and Costa Rica :slight_smile:

@jungleboy - great job! Your avatar looks so cool with that ball and… pizza! :slight_smile:

I had the choice to buy either the German or the Belgian jerseys for my German avatar. I bought the Belgian ones, but they won’t show up. My avatar is now limited to the symbol you see when an image has been removed. I have refreshed the page, but… nothing!

I wonder whether the Uruguayan outfit is missing as a punishment for Suarez biting Italy’s Chiellini… What about Honduras and Costa Rica?

No, it’s missing because Suarez ate it!

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@mikebond - Sorry, it looks like there is an issue with the Belgian uniform. We will look into that. I assume you found the Swiss outfit by scrolling down to the second row of outfits on the German Avatar Store page. Uruguay, Honduras and Costa Rica are coming! We should add them quickly before more teams get knocked out!

@mikebond - the issue should be fixed now. Your avatar looks great in the Belgian outfit!

A few more outfits added today: Costa Rica, Uruguay and Ecuador. Enjoy!

And there goes my weekend :slight_smile:

The final set of outfits were added today for Honduras, Nigeria and Ghana. Enjoy and remember that even once the World Cup is over, you can still earn the soccer outfits. I know i am looking forward to the day my avatar will be big enough to wear the Italian jersey!

Firstly, what’s soccer? Secondly, why is it happening in New Jersey?

My update is that I now have the shirts and boots for all 9 Spanish-speaking teams. As I continue to read in Spanish and allow LingQ to ‘catch up’ with what I already know from my pre-LingQ studies, I am now up to 4500 known words. Once I get to 6000 my avatar will grow and I will be able to buy the 9 team shirts as well. Since I added more than 1300 known words today alone, hopefully I will get to 6000 before the end of the weekend and then I can start buying shirts before the price goes up!

Meanwhile I have given up on getting any World Cup gear for my French avatar :frowning:

I went a bit crazy with Spanish reading today and now my avatar has a ‘cuerpo’! I have three full kits now and I’m ‘wearing’ the Colombian one for today’s game against Brazil.

And finally I have all nine complete Spanish-speaking World Cup uniforms. It only took me 55,000 words of reading in the last few weeks to get there!!

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