New words - not being able to move to "known" or "Ignore"

I have just imported a lesson ( no problems there ) but when I come across a new blue word. When I try and either move that blue word to my “Known Words” or “Ignore Words” the word will come back after pressing either “Known” or “Ignore” to YELLOW? the only way for me to either add a word to “Known” or “Ignored” is by having to do it twice?

I am using an Android Phone with the Latest version of Lingq (4.4.2) installed.

Please can this be looked into.

Many Thanks


I am sorry to hear that Jack! Does that issue happen in that one lesson only or with any other lesson you try?

The same has started to happen to me in the last few days. I too, am using an android phone app.

This happens on all my lessons unfortunately.

This issue has been fixed now. Thanks for your patience everyone!