New words in read text

Hi LingQ Support Team,

I have my lessons imported with the extension. I noticed that some of the lessons that I’ve already read still show some number of unlearned words (the blue ones). But when I walk through the lesson once again I can’t see any of the blue words, they either white or yellow…
Can you please let me now what is the reason behind that? Is that some sort of glitch?

Thank you very much in advance,

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Could be a caching issue. Can you please try to clear cache and let me know if that helps?

I cleared my cache and cookies. And restarted my computer. And opened the course in another browser. Nothing works. Still the same… (though the number of unknown words in the “Introduction” lesson has changed from 124 to 118).

Hello, was there ever a solution to this? I have the same problem. One of the lessons that I finished last week still shows over 400 ‘blue’ words. I have done this lesson 3 times and there are no ‘blue’ words left within the text, but when I see the lesson on the lesson page it still shows 457 ‘new blue’ words.

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We are working on the problem again now and trying to figure out what’s going on. Hopefully we will have it fixed soon.