New words count is the same on all courses

Apparently a bug in the UI. The counts for all courses are the same. See screenshot.

Strange, I can’t reproduce that. Looks like a cashing issue. Please try to clear your browser’s cache and give it another try.

Yes, this is intermittent. This is not critical functionality, so I can live with it. Just wanted to report a bug. I think this is a bug if it requires clearing the browser’s cache to fix. Also, I am pretty sure I have seen the same problem on the android app, where clearing the cache is not an option.

I have one similar in some courses where all those numbers are zero.

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I have the same. New recommended lessons show correctly, but about half the time partially completed courses show incorrect new word counts.

Wanted to post a screenshot of the same problem on the Android app but looks like this forum does not have an attachment option in reply forms, only in the original post. Let me know if someone is interested to see it and where to upload it.

Do you have the latest Android app version? You can send the screenshot to support(at)

Sent. App version included.

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