New way of learning for me

I’m fairly new to lingQ, and was struggling a bit with listening comprehension for quite some time and tried something new. I found some of the beginner lessons a little fast for me. I’ve always been sitting at my computer, listening to the audio, and wished they had some gadget to slow it down. I recently figured out how to download the audio to my VCL media player and it has the option of slowing the lesson down. It’s worked wonders for me. I just did this with “Rumplstilzchen” German, something I’ve listened to quite a few times at regular speed but this time it made all the difference. I listened to it a couple times and the second time I was actually able to translate most of it into English.

This may not be a novel Ideal, but its very exciting for me. Just slowing down the lessons, shadowing, listening to the syllables, which I think will greatly help speaking. Its really hard to repeat something when its a blur. Maybe that’s why people like pimsleur so much. And the translating the language into my Native tongue, seems to dramatically increase my comprehension level, really actively listening, rather than passively. I guess that’s what Assimil is like, translating back and forth, IMO a very effective way of learning, something I know Lucas does. I also got some great advice from Reinhard a German tutor on here, who I highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn German.

how did you download it to vlc?