New video for LingQ plaza

I have just recorded and uploaded my first video on YouTube! To my shame I had to ask a teenager to show me how to do it :wink:

The link is here LingQ skyblueteapot's introduction - YouTube. You should be able to view it from the LingQ Plaza group, but I’m not sure how. I think the upload was successful.

Would welcome comments on sound, picture, anything else.

If I did it OK I can start thinking about recording some tutorials for LingQ. If I didn’t then I am SO going to get dissed by by son :wink:

"If I did it OK . . . "
I have watched the video. You did it excellently.

Dear Helen,

The video is wonderful! I am so proud of being one of your students.

Helen, welcome to Youtube :slight_smile: Nice video! It would be great that you make more.

Very nice Helen. Hope to see more of you soon :slight_smile:

Nice work Helen! You shouldn’t have to worry about your son!

Not only a great video, but also a useful for calming a troubled toddler. I had to play it three times!

That’ll be my calm, measured delivery and my melifluous Estuary vowels then…

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the dodo or I would have been stroking him while I was speaking.

Love it! Please make more, I just subscribed :slight_smile:

Excellent video. In the (much delayed) new expanded lessons page, we will be able to show video. All we need is a transcript and we have a lesson. I hope you make more, and I hope others also join in the fun.

Helen, I would love to see another video, in which you do a multilingual introduction for us :wink: