New version of LingQ?

I recall Steve talking about a new version of LingQ several months ago. I was wondering how far along it’s coming.


I am afraid it is going to take a while. Someone said on another post that Steve had tweeted that we need to be patient.


Did he talk about it in a video? I would be interested in watching it. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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I’m relieved to hear this. I not only fear change generally, but especially so if it’s to “improve” something that is already pretty good.

I really like LingQ the way it is. I’m not necessarily waiting for the new version to come out. I’ll enjoy it when it gets here as I’m sure it’ll be great. But I can still learn in the meantime.

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are they changing UI at all I noticed when i important on Netflix the importer window is very clean/pretty looking. Also have they talked about showing what beta looks like generally on YouTube or something?

It’s been too long that I can’t track down the video now and I don’t even recall if it was in interview or one of his updates he does on his own channel. He basically said he was using the beta of the new LingQ to study which isn’t available yet to the public but he hoped it would be ready by spring 2021 but I guess that turned out to be a little optimistic. He didn’t go into the new changes.

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Japanese/Chinese has a lot of bugs for me. It’s pretty bad. I’m focusing on Korean at the moment which works fine thankfully but they told me they weren’t fixing the bugs since they’re working on a new version anyway so I need to wait for that new version. Reading Japanese/Chinese is more trouble than it’s worth for me at the moment so I’d really like them to release this new version.

You probably don’t have a buggy experience. When I read Korean it works fine but Japanese and Chinese are a different story. They’re not fixing bugs due to working on the new version. I’m hoping it’s sooner than later.

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This was from Discord yesterday:

Library is being based off a ‘Netflix’ type feel. Meaning, when you open the app - you’ll be presented with a ton of content you can import/open. Even when 5.0 is launched, this will be continuously improved. Reader is also being remade. Those are the main components being worked on right now. As mentioned, even when 5.0 is out, there’s a lot of other features that will be upgraded. With (most) software updates, these things take time. 5.0 will be out this year. Aiming for early Summer. LingQ’s onboarded more developers to help get this big update out.(edited)



Yeah, it would be nice to at least show us some screenshots of what the new beta will kind of look like or what they have at the moment. I think my curiosity is killing me more than wanting to try out the new update :sweat_smile:

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Thanks, it will be really interesting to see how this will all play out :thinking: