New User Profile and Improved Flashcards

As part of the improvements to the Events page, we have now added a user profile for all members. Some of you may have seen the image and description entry fields on the Settings page before but now we actually have a way to display the profile! :slight_smile: You will see now for all Events that you can click to see the tutor’s profile and you can see the profiles of all the participants. We will be linking to these profiles in more places on the site in the next little while as we start to roll out some more community features. Stay tuned…

We’ve also upgraded the flashcards. They look the same but they are much faster than before. Also, you can now update the status of the current term just by clicking on the status number and picking your new status. This should make the flashcarding faster and more efficient so you can learn even more words than before!

Hi, Mark. The flashcards are really faster than before! I think the design is nice, too.
But I couldn’t use the save button today. I used to add or edit the examples in the vocabulary system before, so I hope I can edit these examples and meanings again.


I am in Firefox and have no trouble editing and saving in the LingQ widget. The save function is so fast now that you hardly notice that you have saved. I wonder if anyone else is having trouble saving in the LingQ widget.

In fact it is much easier to edit the phrases now and it saves faster so I really recommend that more people take the trouble to edit their captured phrases, or select new ones from Examples.

The only difference is now that when you click to view the widget from the flashcards page you are taken to the Vocabulary page where you can edit the selected term. You can then click back on your browser to return your flashcards session.

I noticed that my save button was not active at first, but after I enter a word to the example box, the save button became active! Thank you for your advice!


You are right that we cannot edit and save when we access the LingQ widget from the Flash Cards. I am not sure why that is. For now please do your editing of the LingQ widget by opening the widget in Vocab or WorkDesk.

Yes, you can edit and save from the flashcards. When you click “Show LingQ” you are taken to the Vocabulary page with that LingQ opened up. You can make any edits there you like. Then you can click back on your browser to return to the flashcard you were on. If you want to see your updated Hint or Phrase you will have to refresh the current flashcard.

Yesterday the edits made in the LingQ widget did not save, or at least that was my impression and I did it several times. That is no longer the case. I am able to edit in the LingQ card and save the change. In order for the edited change to show up in the Flash Card I need to refresh. So it works just fine.

Either this has been fixed or I was mistaken yesterday. It will not have been the first time.

The flashcards are very much faster - a good job.

There is one irritation with the new widget (that I think is different from the old behaviour)… Create a new LingQ from your workdesk, click on the +Tags to show the small Add tag window but now you have to click on the window to focus the cursor into the text entry bit & add your tag. Previously clicking the +Tag link created the text entry window AND put the cursor in that window ready for the tag text you type. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been typing away only to find the entry box hasn’t got focus :frowning:

Steve, it seems to me that the new information is saved, but you can’t see the new version of the lingq in the flashcards section when you use the back button.
I didn’t like this solution for the edition of flashcards. I think it would be much better if the lingq widget appeared at the bottom of the flashcards page, so one wouldn’t loose the context. I use this feature only for minor corrections in the flashcards and so going on studying, so its very strange to be sent out of the flashcards page.
Bandit, I had the same problem with the tag focus. :wink:

Ana, if you refresh your flashcard after returning to it from the Vocabulary page it will be updated. You can just click back on your browser to get back to the flashcards after you’ve made your changes. We probably won’t bring the widget back to the flashcards page any time soon.

Regarding the cursor in the tags field, we should have this fixed soon.

In fact if you refresh you go back to the beginning which is inconvenient. The question is how important this fix is to everyone. Please look at my post on another thread. How important is this fix?

I really can’t figure my first Spanish? Con flash card. It seems to be English. and is associated with Mit. What is Mit? The dictionary meaning seems to be Vandalized, very wacky meaning. I am lost in this flash card process.

I’m not exactly sure what the issue you’re facing is. Could you perhaps explain it a little more clearly so that we can help you with any problem you may be having?

@canadamexico - “con” means “with” in English which is “mit” in German. It sounds like you are looking at a German hint or translation for that word. Please make sure your Dictionary language is set to English. You can check this on the Settings page or by clicking the “Dictionary Settings” link in the LingQ widget. The LingQ widget opens when you click +New Hint in the blue popup. It’s also possible that a German speaker entered a German hint for that word but I am sure the English “with” should be showing in the blue popup as well. The popup shows the top 3 most popular hints that other users have chosen for that word. Click on the hint you want to use.