New Update for iLingQ

A new update for iLingQ was released yesterday. We further improved the display of yellow LingQs so that no LingQs should be unhighlighted anymore no matter what the punctuation on the page. We have also added a rewind button for the audio which jumps back 10 seconds in the audio. Enjoy!

thank you very much for the new update.
I like the rewind button!

But there still some unhighlighted words in iLingQ, see the following snapshots of the same text:

Web browser:

Not yellow in iLingQ are
“Bonsoir”, “Désolé”, “Rien”.

Sorry - “there still” should be “there are still” !!

Looks like Status 4 LingQs beginning with a capital letter. We will look into it. In fact, perhaps if these status 4 words can be un-highlighted, we should do the same for all status 4 LingQs. What do you think?

For me, it would be OK to un-highlight all status 4 LingQs in iLingQ.
Maybe as an option?

What I would like: a different intensity of yellow (1=high … 4=low) to visualize the status of LingQs.

I think having that as an option would be good.

However, regarding the different shades of yellow for different status LingQs, I think it would become too much of a distraction. I enjoy reading via the iLingQ app while I commute and it’s quite handy to be able to click on yellow words if I don’t remember what they mean. But, having different shades for different levels would likely hinder one’s ability to fluidly read with the application, as the focus would be even more directed towards the different LingQs.


I must say that I find that the yellow highlighting in the iLingQ is fine, and I have a lot of yellow words!! It never hurts to check up on the meaning of a word. To be honest, I do not see this as a refinement that we would look at the for the time being.

Thank you for the new update of iLingQ!
Now the lessons open much faster.
Great work, thanks to everybody within the LingQ team who worked on this.

Glad it’s working better hape!