New Tutor

I’ve taken the plunge, I’d like to tutor in German or English. I’ve put up my first schedule for this Sunday. If the times don’t suit you, let me know when you’d like to talk. I’d be really happy to have a chat!

I’ve just signed up for your class! I am honored to be the first (maybe) student here at LingQ!

Great decision, Sanne! I’m glad to have you here as a tutor.

Thank you for being so encouraging. As you know I have a fairly irregular schedule, but we’ll see how it works. My first conversation is going to be with a very special person.

I hope that you are not a strict tutor. I have signed up for your English class.

Well, It all depends on how the student behaves… Thank you for signing up. It’ll certainly be an experience.

I joined too! :)))

I shall have a very busy Sunday in that case. Thank you!

As soon as you are able to offer some times for next week, I will be signing up (natürlich auf Deutsch weil ich schon English sprechen kann).

Seems you hit it lucky today! I hope you will tell us a bit about you first tutoring experiences :wink:

Toll! Wann passt es dir dann, nachmittags oder abends? Ich werd’ sehen was sich machen lässt.

I want to thank SanneT for taking the plunge into teaching. The conversation with her was wonderful.