New tutor

I completed my teaching profile but I don’t appear in the list of tutors

I don’t think it is possible to see yourself in the list, I can’t see myself either.

I just searched for you, and I found you. You are there!

You have not displayed your availability in the calendar, it might be important for those trying to find a tutor.

Am I right in assuming that displaying availability in the calender only applies to those who wish to host conversations, and has nothing to do with writing correction?

That’s correct.

I would like to tutor but I can’t seem to be able to complete my teaching profile. Everytime I click on “Teach” it just takes me back to my profile to complete filling in … well I don’t know what because I filled in everything I could. Does anybody know what I should do?

As I access your profile, I can see you are tutoring for German and English. I also have a menu to submit writings to you if I wish, and another for your shared lessons/courses, which shows me no results, because you probably have none. If you had displayed your availability to host conversations in the calendar, that would appear as well with the times you are available, but I guess you didn’t. What else would you like to show up?

Thanks so much mfr, that was all I needed to know. I could just see a tutor window that I couldn’t access but now I know I’m “out there” as a tutor, I’ll just wait for my first job :slight_smile: Cheers!

@Chaoskind - Have you selected a language to host conversations in?

EDIT: Ah, it looks like you were actually just interested in correcting writings. If you want to host conversations you will need to add a language to host conversations in then add times on the Teach page, otherwise everything should be good now.