New transcription service at Rhinospike!

Maybe all of you already knew it, but I was positively surprised to find out that Rhinospike is now offering a text transcription service, which can be useful for some LingQ providers too…
Read more here:


This site just hit new levels of awesome.

I wonder who will do this for free? Transcribing is so much work and so hard work! And then for only one user? The problem is to find audio that is not copyrighted. You cannot use Rhinospike to get things transcribed which are copyrighted.

There is also another similar web service which has been here for a few years, but somehow it has not taken off yet.

Dotsub allows you to transcribe/translate in fragments. I think Rhinospike also needs to provide this feature.

I wonder if we should have a section in the Library called “To transcribe” and perhaps “to record” and people could upload content they wanted transcribed or recorded. The person who responded to the request would upload the content and own it in the real Library. Just a thought, I don’t know if it would be popular nor what would be involved.

I think a number of members would be motivated to transcribe in the language they are learning. Thereafter the transcript could be corrected by others in the library.

The names of the member who posted the original, as well as the names of the members who recorded it, or transcribed it, would appear somewhere. If we institute tipping, members could tip people who contribute in this way.

Any thoughts?

I really like this idea, Steve!

Nice idea,

I think this would become a major feature if implemented right, either in LingQ or elsewhere.

I think Vera and Edwin have a point about the relative difficulty of transcribing. Crowd sourcing with some minor incentive would be best.

I’ve actually been a little hesitant about using RhinoSpike too much, because I don’t want to feel like I’m overusing it. Without actually contributing oneself, I can see the site being overloaded with requests and not enough people willing to really pitch in and help out. If more people contribute to the site (as with any community-based site), I can see the transcription service being successful. As to the legal side of things, I don’t how it works, but presumably no different to submitting text and receiving audio. is doing something similar to what is doing, but with television shows and movies. Currently most of the videos available are from Korea, Japan and other Asian countries, but they have an excellent translation interface.

I vote Yes! @Steve if you do implement this I would strongly suggest/hope that you would have an embedded recorder right on the website where you press one button and record. The reason I don’t use rhinospike is because it is a pain to use another software program to record and upload. If I could press one button and go I would be highly motivated to make many recordings.

I absolutely LOVE this website and the idea of implementing this! I’ve actually been looking for something like this. Thank you very much for posting this!

@rtrudel provides a very seamless recording service, just one extra click to get to that site and then a copy paste when you have the link

Thanks for the link!

I like Steve’s idea and I agree with rtrudel about the implementation. I think this could be combined well with the option for members who have an advanced level in a target language to translate lessons into their native language (one site that does this is CSLPOD - an example can be seen here

For example, native English speakers with an advanced level in Mandarin could translate a Mandarin lesson into English, after which, with the permission of the original creator of the content, the lesson could be recorded by any native English speaker who is willing and has the time.

Perhaps their could be some kind of point sharing for these translations/lessons as an incentive - just an idea.

P.S. - I’ve been away from the forums for a long time so please forgive me if the topic of member translations has already come up.