New to Lingq

Hello, my name is Adam and I am also a excited language learner. I am posting this thread for anyone would like to give a person new to Lingq some friends. I am also willing to look at any compositions that are written in English, for revision. I am currently learning Spanish, which I am the best at, also French, German, Italian, and Latin. Anyone want to talk or just say hi, feel free to follow me on Lingq

Hello there Amanuel! I was wandering how are you learning many languages at a time. Do you only do 30 minutes to 45 minutes each or something different. I’m planning to learn these languages in the future, expect for latin for I’m still unsure.

I am still trying to figure out the process and perfect the method I want to use. I have had spanish for 6 years now just in college and high school and stuff…so it is really a language I want to leisurely improve and eventually become fluent. But at the moment I am dedicating a day to each other language. Also, I have different goals with the other languages. For example, I want to be able to read anything written in Latin, considering that I am in getting a Master’s in ancient and classical history, I want to use that to my advantage. In the other languages…right now I just want to get a basic working knowledge of, and improve each one individually when I have the time.

Same here. If I can get the basic of italian, german, spanish, swedish, norwegian, and finnish. Well like steve keeps saying," The rest will come later at a nice slow pace." At least with the basics of the a language you can say a little bit and understand a bit too. I’m planning to getting german to c1, and the rest at about the same or at a b2 level. I’ve studied a small amount of spanish in junior high school, which I only took 1 year of. The class was boring because of the teacher. aidios professora! and never touched it again. But in the future I’ll learn it to speak to my friend who’ve took 3 years of spanish at high school. And now his learning german too the little bugger.

cool…good luck with that. I recently just figured out what the whole a1-c2 means…I guess I want to get all of them to a conversational level, except Latin…I just want to be able to read it without much problem…

I hope you too the best of luck with your language studies as well.

I am roaming here and I found this topic. and actually i am suprised that why are you able to learn many languages at the same time like that,.admirable. how can you do that? I aslo learn English everyday in oder to improve quickly my abilities but Can you give me some advices? thank you. :smiley: