New to lingq, why can't I click on known words?

Sometimes I wish to click on known words just to check if my understanding of that word was correct, but I can’t seem to click on the white words, I can only double click which marks it as blue again and then I have to press the x.

Is the reason I can not click these words because I did not assign a hint to the word before I marked as known? Or just because ling1 simply doesn’t let you click on known words?

Most of my known words are status 4.If I forgot one, I can see the translation.

Hi! If you double-click the words you marked as Known, a blue highlight will appear and you should be able to see user hints for this word in the blue pane at the right (or the blue popup if you’re in minimized view).

If you save the word as a LingQ first, then move it to Status 4, it will no longer be highlighted but you will be able to single-click it to see the yellow pane for this word.

Thanks for your replies. I will mark the words with a hint word before I mark as known so that way they are still clickable.