New to LingQ. What kind of ebooks can I import? And how to use LingQ's stories as a beginner?

Hello! I am new to this website. I know how to make LingQs, but I don’t know the proper way to maximize language acquisition with the site’s LingQing system.
I also have a specific question: Can I import ebooks that I own (legally) and learn using them? The publishers of these books always put a warning forbidding sharing the content of their books. But I think LingQ doesn’t publicly show the books that you import.
Is it OK if I import books I have bought for private use (LingQing)?
For now, to stay on the safe side, I am using Project Gutenberg to download publicly available novels and import them.
For now, I am going to expand my native Arabic’s vocabulary and as well as English. Once I finish A2 level in the foreign languages that I am learning, I’ll introduce LingQ on them.

That’s the only thing I do at LingQ–import ebooks that I have purchased. I’ve imported in txt, pdf and epub formats with little difficulty. Many epub books (e,g, Kindle) are DRM-protected. You can remove the protection with Calibre or Epubor. I used Calibre for years, but now prefer Epubor.

You can import books up to 6000 words as one lesson. If the book is larger, LingQ will break it up in 6000 word chunks making each a lesson, but under a single course. The break is arbitrary in that it it might break in the middle of a chapter. I don’t find that too annoying.

Once imported, you can edit them if you wish. LingQ will usually pick up the cover art in an epub file and display that for the Course and Lessons. If not, you can easily edit them to add any cover art you want. Also, when you import a book, the lessons will appear as Part 1, Part 2, etc. If that is annoying, you can edit the lessons to add any title you want.

Bring up questions about editing in another question and you’ll get a lot of help. For now, the answer to your question is, yes, you can import almost anything you want as long as it comes in or you can convert to LingQ acceptable formats. Kindle books are asw, a proprietary format that Lingq cannot read, but with Epubor, you can convert them to epub and they seem to import just fine.


You can import any book that doesn’t have copyright protection. Basically most things you import will stay private. Some of the books of libgen or similar sites work better for lingq than the ones you buy. You just don’t share it

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