New to LingQ. Learning Japanese

HELLO! I’m new. Not quite sure what’s going on. Can someone please explain the system to me?

Hi Ashie, i’m pretty new here since i’ve joined this month but the best advice i can give you is to select the tutorial lesson from the resources: On the top right of your lesson page (after you have chosen one) you’ll see ‘study resources’, click on it and select ‘view tutorial’. It will explain to you the simple steps that you have to take in order to use the system at his best.
The basic idea is to select lesson good for your level (e.g. intermediate or beginner) and then listen to it. After listening the audio in order to familiarize with new words, structures, sound of the language in general, you can go through the blue words (unknown words) in the text, on the right you have everything you need: dictionary definitions, hints by other users, a note field in wich you can write additional information. Every time you encounter new words theese turn from blue to yellow. The more you create lingqs (words highlighted in yellow) the more you start acquiring vocabulary, that you can easily review by listening lesson over and over, reading it paying more attention on yellow words while listening, or using the other resources like flashcards, cloze test etc.
Obviously you have to find yourself the way that works better for you. For example I do not use flashcards… i like to review all new words simply reading/listening over and over a lesson and finding the same words in other lessons when i decide to move on. And I import a lot of content creating my own lessons, using the power of the system with contents that are absolutely of my interest.

I hope my english was good enough for you to understand. Welcome, by the way.

It was wonderful. Thank you. I am completely and utterly confused by this website. XD I’m sure I’ll get it eventually. Thank you for helping me out. I’ll try that.

There’s no reason to be confused here. It’s all very user friendly.
The only thing that probably you should do as a learner of a language that use a different writing system, including kanji, is to search in the previous threads advices about learning hiragana, katakana and kanji. That will probably help you to use this powerfull tool at its best and i’m pretty sure there are some old threads on this topic. Besides, even if i’m not a japanese learner hiragana and katakana should be two alphabets so studying them should not take you so much time. I remember someone here advice to take some days to learn them at least and than start using lingq along with the study of kanji. However learning a language naturally is about reading, listening and all theese funny activities that you can do here at lingq, but learning how to write it’s the ‘mechanical’ aspect of the process: it’s manual and there’s no shortcut to learn it.

@AshieCha - Great advice from Argo! For more help it’s a good idea to take a quick look at the resources on the Help page - Help.

In particular, you should take a look at these three pages -
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