New stuff in Finnish

My playlist importer add-on has been doing some work.

Enjoy these new courses on the Finnish shelves. All have been formatted and contain an English language translation. More will be added in the coming days. Get into some Finnish!

Finnish Language Travel Vlogs
(Beginner - Intermediate) β†’ 11 lessons, 2hr 35m
(This is a shared course with permission)

Finnish Movies and Movie Trailers
(Intermediate - Advanced) β†’ 3 movies, 1 trailer, 3hr 39m,

Moomins Comic Strip
(Beginner - Intermediate) β†’ 13 lessons, 1hr 43m.

Simple Finnish with Anniina!
(Beginner - Intermediate) β†’ 5 lessons, 23m
(This is a shared course with permission)

Worksafety Rocks! Cartoons
(Intermediate) β†’ 4 lessons, 7m

Olen yrittΓ€jΓ€ - I am an entrepreneur podcast
(Advanced) β†’ 8 lessons, 7hr 19m
(This one was all individually imported, I have reorganized it into one course)

ALMOST FINNS - 3 foreigners living in Finland
(Intermediate) β†’ 45 lessons, 2hr 17m

Finnish Language structure A1
(Beginner) β†’ 8 lessons, 1hr 12m

β†’ I have updated the popular Finnished Course with subtitles for these languages β€œen”, β€œes”, β€œde”, β€œko”, β€œru”, β€œit”, β€œfr”, β€œja”

β†’ My playlist importer has been updated to import and transcribe playlists. When the LingQ importer is able to import caption-less externals these will be available. I’m currently importing every episode which will be in this course.