NEW story for Madrid - Barcelona series: ¡Vaya resaca!

Hi there!
We are pleased to announce you that we have released our 4th story in our Madrid-Barcelona (MB) series. This one is called ¡Vaya resaca!
As usual, we have 2 versions:

This time, however, we introduce something new, a new version, the making of:

These lessons of this new version are based on the unedited recordings. We have split the story the same way as the C1 version and we provide the same script as as guideline, but in this version there won’t be any additional sounds and the text is not edited, so there are laugthings, mistakes, repetitions…
This collection is aimed at those of you who would like to know how we do record these stories. Of course, some lessons are funnier than others.
Warning: The additional comments are not transcribed. We provide the C1 script as a guideline.


Wow! Thank you for providing this - it has really shown me my progress in Spanish (I definitely need to work harder!). I should be very proud of myself if I were ever to understand everything.

Sanne, we definitely talk way too fast sometimes, I have trouble too figuring out what we say, that happened with at least a couple of sentences in the making-of collection (and I was there!.. and I’m a native xD).

Thanks a lot for this new collection! I definitely start with it before long (maybe even today). Up to now, I’ve heard all your collections and I’ll surely do it with all the future ones.

In my opinion, it’s a good training to listen from time to time to faster or even very fast recordings. I’m still frustrated, when I vainly try to understand Spanish Movies, where they speak extremely fast with lots of unknown words (mostly slang) + phrases.

As for the TV, I would recommend an Intermediate Spanish learner to start with watching the News first, which are a bit easier to follow.

That’s a great idea, behind the scenes, if you will. Wow, you guys must do a lot of editing.

Nice you liked it! :wink:

Yes aybee, we do. Actually the making-of has some audio editing, Albert’s audio is much lower in the original recording and some sentences we even had to edit by hand. The later editing… you can figure out all the work it takes :stuck_out_tongue: