New speed adjustment thread

Some time ago there was a thread on adjusting playback speed, BUT that thread is now closed.

If Zoran and others will allow it, I post the same question I posted a week ago on the learning Portuguese Forum.

When listening to the mini stories (sentence-by sentence) the speech is too fast. How can I show it down. None of the tools I see on my Android, nor on my Desktop/Laptop seem to allow it.

I do not have a Premium subscription. Thanks for any info.

I have Premium subscription and my problem is different, I like a lot innerFrench podcast but it is starting to become boring, because he talks really slow.

I tested and the perfect velocity for my level would be 1.25x speed, from a developer perspective it should be something really simple to change.

What you could do is to listen to the main audio(not the sentence one) and change the velocity, its not perfect because you would need to precisely go one sentence back on the audio, but its not that hard.

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If any “developer” notices this post, how can this speed adjustment be implemented in PC /iOS/Android versions? Thanks for any feed-back :slight_smile:

Just chiming in to second this: ability to adjust the speed on Sentence Mode would be very useful for me as well. I try to do the ‘shadowing’ technique every so often, where you try to speak along with the narrator at the same time, and it would be great to have the option of practising slowly on individual sentences.

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Zoran and developers… Comments? Are you listening?
Thank you for your anticipated response.

I’d love to have a speed up sometimes like 1.15x ~ 1.25x. It would me awesome

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Please note that there is a difference between the lesson audio and word/sentence pronunciation. Audio speed can be adjusted in audio player only.
In the sentence mode, the speaker button pronounce the sentence using TTS system, or, if lesson is properly split and has audio timestamps, the speaker button will play original part of audio.
All the Mini Stories do have audio timestamps so in the sentence mode you can hear original lesson audio for sentence pronunciation too, but most of the lessons on the site play TTS here so it doesn’t make much sense to add audio speed adjustment there too for now.

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FWIW, Zoran, if I listen to the sentence up to 4 times, and still have trouble following the reading as the TTS audio plays, it DOES make sense to slow the audio. It seems to me that 4 times is not pedagogically appropriate - it is just “going through the motions.”

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I requested last year that they give us 0.9x and shortly after they implemented it. It’s excellent for importing those fast talking youtubers. Now that my reading pace as improved I would also like a 1.25x speed. Can we have it please?

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I also would like more configurability in sentence mode for people who want to do a lot of careful listening and repeating.

I would love to see something like a “Looping Mode”. You specify how many times you want a sentence to repeat, with x seconds delay between each repeat. Then you can put your phone in your pocket and practice each line of the mini-stories (or preferred lesson) 10 times. You can also adjust the speed at the sentence level, to make us all happy.

I do this using SmartAudio book player on android and a little bluetooth remote that loops back 10 seconds. I don’t advance until I fully understand what I’m hearing. However, I’d prefer if I could do it in lingQ.