New Spanish collection

Hi there!
I have just created a new collection called “Puntos de vista” in which I would create sets of lessons about a short story told in different verb tenses. The goal is to show in a simple way the use of the verb tenses in Spanish and how the choice of them may affect maybe not too much the meaning, but the way things are told.
Right now there is an introductory lesson and the first story in 4 parts. Enjoy!

Good idea!

I wrote the first post before having checked out the collection. After having looked at it, I must add that I think these are super! One more twist would be to tell the stories using different “persons”. Perhaps the mother or a friend would tell the same story about the speaker…

Hola Albert, me gusta mucho esta colección porque mi problema mejor es la diferencia entre los pretéritos. Gracias y no puedo esperar para la próxima lección.

Thanks so much Albert!

After listening and reading the collection, I have to agree completely with Jingle and Harry. These are great! I also have difficulty with the different past tenses, so to see it in this way will help, I’m sure.

I’m really happy that you enjoy them! It’s something I have been thinking about that for a long time and finally I have started. I hope to write more lessons soon.
Thank you for the suggestion Jigle. I would do it. Indeed, I will try to write as many different versions of the same story as I can. Even if sometimes they’ll be slightly different, like the part 3 or 4.

¡Qué linda pero triste historia! Eres un buen narrador, me gustó mucho esa colección. Es muy útil, la diferenciación entre los tiempos hace que sea muy claro cuándo deberías usar uno u otro. Voy a escuchar muchas veces! Gracias Albert, y me pregunto, ¿es un verdadero cuento?

¡Gracias Paul! jejeje! No la verdad es que es un cuento inventado! ¡Hoy estaba inspirado! :wink:

Por cierto, en vista del éxito, acabo de escribir dos versiones más de la misma historia. Todavía no las he grabado puesto que ya es muy tarde aquí y me voy a la cama, pero mañana las grabaré y crearé las lecciones. Sólo os avanzo que las versiones son una en pretérito pluscuamperfecto y la otra en condicional/presente. ¡Mañana más! :wink:

These are great lessons, Albert! Thank you so much! I’m planning to put them on my MP3 player so that I can listen to them over and over. Excellent!!

Awesome, keep 'em coming! Estamos esperando :wink:

As promised, I have just posted a couple of new lessons for this collection. They are the 5th (pretérito pluscuamperfecto) and 6th (condicional/presente) versions of the same story. I hope you enjoy them!