New Spammer

These poor frustrated women are desparate enough to ask me to contact them, times must be hard:

They (spammers) come and go. It looks like it’s going to stay this way. At least this one isn’t asking you to help her with her immense wealth she can’t access right now but if you help her she’ll give you a part of it which would be like a couple of millions :))

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She’s gone with the wind now.

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But you can’t stop love…


Oh, it wasn’t my intention at all…

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She is sitting tight there:

She has a lot of free time and I have the solution, a lot of dishes here at home.


Good riddance.

She is certainly bisexual as she asked me too to be his best BF :wink:

Another thing that must be notice, she really deserve her place in Lingq as she is a great polyglot !
Annah23wilson is registered on Indian, Russian, UK, French forums …!

annah321 is our new love. Please delete. Preferably block her IP address.

I think behind all these activities are actually hidden some criminal guys.

Edit: Oops, everybody here is certainly aware of that fact, though.