New Sort Buttons on Friends' Activities

I like the new sort buttons on the “Friends’ Activities” page. I find it very interesting to see what people are studying and what new items have been shared. By reading about these, I find new content to study. I often visit this page. The sort buttons will help me to zero in on what I want to see. This will be very useful.

In conjunction with the new buttons, I’d like to make a suggestion about the “Friends’ Activities” page. Something that would really motivate me to study more would be to see my own activity mixed in with the other Spanish students’ activities. As other students’ names keep pushing my name down on the page, and finally off of the page, I would be motivated to find some new content and study it! I’m just competitive enough that this would really help me be more active on LingQ.

I’m sorry if this suggestion has already been discussed and discarded. I tried to search for this topic and didn’t see it.

Thanks to everyone who provides content and /or shares their activities for me to see! You are motivating me to study and learn more!!

Thanks for noticing Alicia53! We did forget to announce that. As for including your name in the rankings, we will look into this again. It seems to me that there are times when members asked to see themselves in the lists and times when they don’t want to be shown which has affected the way these lists are displayed.

I like LingQ, but I wonder if competition is good. The only person I want to beat is Mark because he offers the challenge on his profile and he’s easy (lol) to beat.

Now that should challenge HIM!

@Vi7 - I do appreciate the challenge! I should do more. I spend too much time working on the site and not enough time working with it!

How do others feel about this issue? Do you want to see your own activities mixed in with everyone else’s? I believe it was like this initially and we removed your own activities from the list based on feedback but I can’t find those discussions anywhere in the forum either.

Some of us didn’t want our activities published and that is why you offered the facility to share or not share activities. Tora3 will perhaps be able to point you to that v. heated discussion…

I don’t mind people come to my profile to see my activities but I don’t see the point of having mine in that public list (I lack the competitive gene). [I would like to be able to see my blogs though!]

My own activities I do know it.So I think it is not necessary to put it.
So we have more space! :wink:

Hm, I would love to have my own activities in the list. I think it was in the list earlier, and it accidentally disappeared. Then we had it back. Now it disappeared again.

SanneT, I like the list because I can see which lessons other learners are studying. This inspires me to take some of these lessons. As a tutor it is interesting to see which lessons students like.

My thinking on the activities and blogs is that I already know what I am doing, and what I am interested in is what others are doing. However, I gather that some of you want to see your own name in lights too :wink: which I can also understand. At any rate, this is one of those issues where some people want to see things one way and others want things another. Therefore, the easiest thing for us to do since we can’t please everyone, is to leave things as they are. :slight_smile: I don’t believe it’s a major issue and we can revisit it at a later date when we don’t have such a long todo list.

“Do they want us to see the activities of all the members at LingQ?”

I found this by chance when I was looking for something else. Maybe this is what you mean?

Perhaps you could offer options like you do with facebook.

a. Share with everyone
b. Share with all the friends in my personal list (sharing must be mutual)
c. Do not share with anyone.

Judging from the number of people who do not share their activities, it seems that many people do not want others to know their activities. I don’t blame them, but there is a fine line between sharing for mutual scholarship and friendship and people who are nosy (we say “viviendo la vida ajena” in part of my family:))

Also this option:

Share activities with all members of LingQ

I do like the new sort buttons on the Friends page, but it looks like some sub-menus are not updated. For example, if I select “Lessons shared” I cannot see any new lesson for Italian, although I shared some yesterday and in the past weeks. I have tried refreshing the page, but that didn’t solve the issue. Maybe the LingQ support could have a look at it, couldn’t it? :slight_smile:

Michele, you never are able to see your OWN activities. You have to log in under a different identity.

yes hape! but I also can`t see it!

There was a discussion in a different thread just about this: the general consensus was that people preferred to see their own activities listed on just their profile page. The Friends page was fine as just that: the activities of our Friends were shown (although there was at least one person who wanted her name included so that she may be motivated, by her competitive spirit, to do better. It wasn’t me.)

Micheles activities (only the first 4)

mikebond hat veröffentlicht Radio Emilia-Romagna, Sapori di casa nostra - Chef a Teatro - 8 dicembre 2010 - (Italian).

mikebond hat veröffentlicht Un italiano a Sofia (per principianti), 14. Per musei con Lilia - (Italian).

mikebond hat veröffentlicht Un italiano a Sofia (per principianti), 13. Lilia e i francesi - (Italian).

mikebond hat veröffentlicht Radio Emilia-Romagna, Notizie dalla Regione e dal mondo - 3 dicembre 2010 - (Italian).

Not only my own shared lessons are missing, but also other lessons recently uploaded by adalbertolito, among others.
The latest shared lesson I see for Italian is “#ItalianLingQ 66, Danilo & Rita - Vino e prodotti italiani - Part 2” and, before that, the Italian chapters of Steve’s book, which are certainly not the most recent lessons.