New Russian Podcasts (Новые русские подкасты)

I’ve set today some new Russian podvasts for the Intermediate level-
For the collection “В газетах пишут” - “Девочка - калькулятор”:

For the collection “Об этом интересно знать” - “Американские президенты на пенсии”:

For the collection “О времени и о себе” - “Десять вредных привычек”:

Желаю успехов в русском языке!


Спасибо evgueny, за очень интересные уроки, как всегда!

I’ve added a new Russian podcast “ЭТНИЧЕСКИЙ ПОРТРЕТ РУССКОГО”:

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I’ve added to my colllection “5 минут о политике” a short article “Дональд Трамп снимает маску” (D. Tump takes off his mask).
It’s interesting enough that the Russian Mass Media at first supported strongly Trump’s election company, but now they also strongly criticize his politics as the American President.
And here is the link to the article:

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And here is a new Russian podcast- Северная симфония- ‘The Northern Symphony’ about the Russian weather and lifestyle:

And here is the English translation of the article “Американские президенты на пенсии”-‘American Presidents on the Pension’:

Would you like to live longer?..
Here is the English translation of my article “Ten Bad Habbits”, which tells how to do it:

And here is the English Vershion of this podcast - ‘Nothern Symphony’: