New Russian collection. The Tales

Hi everybody. I have recorded and downloaded new content in the Russian library.

There are the tales of Russian writers. I hope you will like it.
Please I am waiting for your feedback to improve my work as a provider.
Thanks in advance.

Thank you so much for these stories, Solena. Very interesting to listen to.

You speak slowly and clearly, perfect for a learner like me. I know it is hard to read slowly without sounding odd, but you do this quite well.

The audio could be a little louder, but it is quite clean, and easy for me to amplify with Audacity.

Sara thanks a lot for your feedback. Because any feedback helps me to do my work better. It pleases me to know that my work provides enjoyment and benefit to somebody. I try make the sound as louder as I can. So it’s the maximum sound of my mic. I don’t know how it can change. But anyway it’s pretty clear. Enjoy!