New: Roses for referrals

I was surprised that the roses statistic had changed a lot since last week. I’ve checked some profiles and I saw that some users got roses for referrals last Friday and Saturday.

Amazingly some users seem to have an extraordinary number of referrals. Check their proifiles.
Login - LingQ (we miss him)
LingQ_Support has sent you 2862 roses to thank you for sending us 28620 referrals

LingQ_Support has sent you 1613 roses to thank you for sending us 16130 referrals

LingQ_Support has sent you 1140 roses to thank you for sending us 11400 referrals

I’ve only managed to get about 150 referrals in 4 years and only a handful of them had/have a paying membership, and about 10 of them cancelled their membership.

Wow, these numbers are unbelievable high! I would love to hear the secret how to get so many referrals. Please share the stories behind that.

@VeraI - We decided to recognize those members who send us referrals by giving them a rose for every 10 referrals they send our way. Referrals don’t need to upgrade, they just have to sign up for an account.

It’s a good suggestion to tell how these members managed to refer so many members. We will prepare an article on this for the blog.

Mark, my referral page says I have 225 referrals, however I don’t seem to have received any roses for them. It’s nothing serious for me, but maybe it’s a bug you’d want to fix.

@mikebond - It turns out this will be triggered when you next refer a member. Apparently this was done so our server wasn’t bogged down trying to run this script for every member on the site. Basically, the next time someone enters your username on the registration page or signs up using your referral URL, you’ll be given these roses :slight_smile:

Ok, Alex, thanks for the explanation.