New Rose Giving procedure

I noticed that there is now a ‘rose function button’ on the top of each lesson. I was disappointed to find out that if one gives a lesson a rose this way one can not include a comment. It appears as though one can still give a rose with a comment with the function at the end of the lesson however.

You’re absolutely right. I always appreciate roses. But a rose coming with a comment is a highlight for me.

People have the option to do either. We just wanted to add a way to quickly give roses to lessons without feeling like you have to leave a comment. We want to encourage more giving a roses to help distinguish good, popular content better.

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The problem is that I tried the rose on the top of the page, and I had no chance to add a comment. I guess new members will never experience the other functionality because there is so much information on the website now …

I must say I think it is more important that we get more people giving roses. Most of the time when I give a rose I don’t want to be obliged to provide a reason or comment. I think people who want to communicate with the content provider will find a way to do so.

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The share controls are still there exactly where they were before. All we have done is added another place where you can just give a rose. People will experiment and figure out what they would like to do on their own.

I like the new “quick rose” buttons!


I too like the new “quick rose” buttons. I’m concerned, however, about so many new changes that feel like “clutter.” There may be, for instance, too many compartments, too many choices. Will new users be able to process all this extra information?

On the one hand, I like certain changes and additions, such as the Exchange Page, the quick click rose button. On the other hand, I think that many of these changes and additions may make the site more confusing to use. I thought the LingQ Team was working on making things simpler, more accessible, more efficient, particularly for new members.

There’s a lot going on here…too much maybe…

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@Imani - There is always a balance between improving the functionality and keeping things simple. It is a difficult balance to maintain as there is no perfect spot. Some prefer more functionality and customizability, while others prefer more simplicity. See Android vs. iOS as a good example of this.

We are continuing to make changes, and the very nature of our product is one that is constantly evolving. Rather than pushing out a new version every 6 months, we make gradual updates so as to not force people to have to relearn how to use the site each time there is an update.

I should note that we have added an Academy section which we will be emphasizing more as we move forward. This will be a place where we hope to better explain the site and the the learning methodology to new and existing users.

In addition to the Academy, we have some things in the pipeline that we feel will significantly simplify the experience for those who are new to the site while still retaining the customization that our power users have come to know and love.