New Romanian lesson

I have just shared a new Romanian lesson about my hometown: Login - LingQ.

I wrote this text, had it corrected on LingQ and recorded on Rhinospike. Actually, it was also recorded on LingQ, but a new mistake was found after I had already awarded all the points, and I didn’t have any additional points to request a new recording, so I requested it on Rhinospike.

It would be great if more learners of Romanian and other languages (especially beta languages) could add more content this way.

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Congratulations for the new lesson. I’m glad there are people really interested in Romanian.
What is more, you seem to master my language quite well.

However, there is one little error. I’m sorry.
It is “la aproape 80 km de Venetia” not “la aproape 80 km din Venetia”. Actually, Vlad uses the right word in the recording.

All the best to you.

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Actually, as I said, my text was corrected by Romanian tutors here at LingQ, and this was the corrected version, so I am not responsible for that mistake, but thanks for pointing it out, I will correct it.

Ok, it’s fixed now.