New Reports List

We recently pushed a new list which allows you to view all writing and conversation reports for your account. This includes past conversation reports which have been difficult to find in the past. As well, tutors are able to access and edit past conversation reports. All in all, it’s a much more convenient interface. Just click on the View Reports link on the Write or Speak pages to see the list. Of course, you can use the filters to isolate the reports you are looking for.

As well, we have added a Native Language and Country filter to the Speak page so you can now refine your Tutor search to look for Native Speakers only or to search for tutors from a specific country.

I liket it :slight_smile:
31 pages of reports! I like filtering function, but it would be great to change order of reports also :))

Agreed Rasana and I gather it is on the list.

I like it. But I would prefer if the old group conversations with no participants wouldn’t be on the list.

Is there anyone who would prefer to see old group conversations with no participants? I can’t think of a good reason but now’s the time to speak…