New Practical Chinese reader book 2 - lessons 15 to 26

My chinese language partner has very kindly typed out every dialogue in the ‘new practical Chinese reader book 2’ This is very useful for me so i can then add it to this website but would i be able to share this? I think i’m right in saying i would need to get permission from the authors of the book? I notice there are also ready some of the dialogues from book 1 on this site already but no later than that.

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Hello, I learn chinese and I’m very interested for the translation. Can you send me the document on my mailaddress?

Hi. I made the text public in this website you can simply search for it here. Let me know if you can’t find.

Hi Jason. I searched but couldnt find it. Can you please send it to my email?

Hi Jason, I was trying to find it as well but no luck, could you please let me know how or where to find it or send it to my email? Just started with my second year college and already freaking out. Thanks a million!

Me neither don’t know how to find the translation