New Picture Cropper for Content

One obstacle to LingQ members sharing content on the site has been our requirement that all images had to be 120 x 120 pixels. We have finally addressed this shortcoming, thanks in part to a suggestion from Alejandro, a LingQ member from Mexico. You will now see in the Import section that when you create an Item or a Collection, you are able to upload any image you like. You can then crop the part of the image you would like to use with our new cropping tool and…voila, your image will be displayed in the correct size. No more third party tools for resizing and cropping. Just two simple steps.

Even if you aren’t interested in sharing content, you should go check it out. Import some content for yourself and add an image. It’s very neat!

We hope the cropper will inspire those of you who have been hesitant to share your content with us. Let us know how you like it!

Hi, Mark.
The cropping works fine to me. It’s really much more easier the external tools I tried before.
But I would suggest you include a list of already cropped images in the cropping dialog, so we could re-use them for several items in a collection without the need of re-cropping the same image again and again.

Hi Ana,

I’m not sure we’ll keep already cropped images available for you but one thing you can do is upload your image to the Collection. Then, if you don’t add an image to an Item in that Collection, it will grab the image from the Collection.

Yeah, that’s a good idea. I only have noticed this kind of ‘image inheritance’ today, when I used the cropping tool for a Portuguese collection I’ve created some time ago. Thanks.