New on LingQ: Two Persian Stories by Samad Behrangi


today I have obtained the permission to publish two Farsi audios on LingQ. It is the famous story “The Little Black Fish” (40 mins) and another one called “The Little Turnip Seller” (13 mins), texts from Wikisource. Petit Prince style, not too difficult. There are excellent interlinear translations available, and you can find diverse alternative readings online.

I asked: “Are your two audios of the mentioned stories copyleft in such a way that I may share them on LingQ so that other LingQ members can profit from them, too?” The permission came by email a couple of hours ago: “Dear Anis, You are free to share the recordings as you like. Great that you can use our work. All the best, Carina Jahani. Professor, Iranian languages, Uppsala University”.

The link is: Anmelden - LingQ



Thank you for sharing.


Thank you so much!

خیلی متشکرم!