New Olly Richards StoryLearning Spanish podcast

Olly Richards has a new free podcast called StoryLearning Spanish that aims to teach through story. The stories are at the A2-B1 level with a half dozen or so higher level words added in each lesson. Each chapter is usually less than 3-mins long and includes a vocabulary list of the upper-level words with meaning.

I’m adding the chapters to a course in my LingQ and even using Audacity to snip out the story part of the podcast for LingQ. That way I can use it for reading, vocabulary, and listening inside LingQ.

He’s thinking of doing it for other languages as well. Send him input if you’d like that.

StoryLearning Spanish • A podcast on Spotify for Podcasters


any way we can get these shared? feel like he’s the kinda guy that would be open to it?

Well, not free of course. Olly is starting his own publishing company. I’m hoping that once he has it up and running, he and LingQ can come to some arrangement. He has the best learn by reading material out there, hands-down!

I notice the first 50 are imported to LingQ. I’m trying to figure out how to import the rest. Anybody know how or if I could?

I posted the link to the text and audio above. Just copy and paste the text, download and import the audio. Although you may want to use Audacity to edit the extra stuff out to make the file smaller.

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