New Member to LingQ learning Brazilian Portuguese

Anxious to get started with Lingq. I’m from the U.S. and trying to take up Brazilian Portuguese as my wife is from Minas Gerais(I would like to be able to communicate with her family; and also for professional reasons). Looking forward to learning and finding a language exhange partner from Brazil who is interested in learning English.

I am trying various methods on my path to learning the language and appreciate any help/insight from everyone.

Welcome man, I’m also learning Portuguese and love it. Pretty much everything you need is here on LingQ. I also use Pimsleur which works good for me, and I do have a textbook call “Muito Prazer”, but mostly I use LingQ. I do have some Spanish background which probably is speeding things along a little faster for me, but already I can tell my Portuguese reading is improving, and the only reading I do is here on LingQ and I’m only 3 months in. You have a very good advantage…a Brazilian wife, Portuguese only lol! I used the website Sharedtalk to find my very good and patient Portuguese and Spanish language partners. Good luck!


Hope you can find suitable contents here on LingQ. I just shared a new collection in Brazilian Portuguese for beginners, please take a look and check if it’s helpful for you!

Feel free to ask if you have any question.

Have you ever been in Brazil?

I might add that this collection created by Luiz is excellent. I think learners should use a variety of lessons, especially at the beginning, and not worry about what they remember or even understand. They key is exposure to the language. Listen and read a lot, often repeating the same lesson, but then moving on to new material even before everything is crystal clear.

Thanks a lot, Luiz!

The quality of your lessons is indeed excellent. It would be nice, if you’d create still more content (esp. for Beginner 2 up to Intermediate 2 level). I’ll resume my Portuguese studies after my trip to Spain (which will previsiblemente take place from 09.09 12 - about 07.10.12).

talturios - Thanks for the welcome message and looking forward to staying in touch and hearing your progress as we progess in learning the language

Luizrp - Thank you for the new Brazilian Portuguese content you provided here on linq! I look forward to listening and going through the information. Yes, I’ve been to Brazil 3 times so far mainly visiting my wife’s family; however, also visited Fortalez, Rio, Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte. Montes Claros is where we usually spend most of our time. Where abouts are you?

Steve - Thanks for the advice and look forward to using lingq to learn this language.


Welcome! I’m from Brasil and i would like to change experiencies of language, you can speak with me in portuguese and I speak in english, ok? Bye!


Hey, I’ve never posted on this forum before, but I’ve had a long running blog about learning Portuguese. I’m not selling anything by the way.

I made a post about a week back about the “Best” resources for learning Portuguese:

Hopefully it’s a good starting point. Also, for intermediate and advanced students, you might enjoy some of the resources I mention here:


Appreciate the links; I actually already had your blog on my favorites and view it on a fairly regular basis. Thanks for the help!


Thanks for your feedback. I am already working on a new collection for Beginner 2. Please tell me if you have any idea for subjects and topics.

Cool! I have a co-worker who is from Montes Claros. I live in Ribeirao Preto, a city in the northeastern of the state of Sao Paulo.
Welcome again!


Interesting; small world. We are considering spending some time down there and possibly looking for work at the appropriate time. How difficult do you think it would be to find some work in Montes Claros for me? I’m a beginner portuguese learner. Thanks again for the welcome and information!


Hey Luizrp! I really liked your material a lot. Learned lots.

Thank you, KaiJAllen.

I want to record more but I need suggestions for the subject, so if you wanna lessons about some specific topic, just tell me!