New look to lingq soon?

Hey guys, I’d heard there was going be an update to the lingq web-site fairly soon, but was just wondering if you guys could shed any light on how soon this will be happening :slight_smile: ?

We are hoping to push some new changes soon. No specific date unfortunately. We’re still polishing things up. Should be sometime this month though. You’ll have to wait just a little longer… :slight_smile:

ah ok, I’m sure everyone on lingq will like it anyway! :stuck_out_tongue:

This month? Boy, that’s MUCH sooner than I was expecting

cool eh? I’ve heard some users moaning and groaning about it. But hey, Just got to change with the times! :stuck_out_tongue: one shouldn’t put so much work into just one system so that if it changes they can no longer study languages. So I welcome change :stuck_out_tongue:

We are addressing most of the moans and groans, and I think you will be blown away.

Will the update include the ability to play the audio without using Flash. I’d really like to use this on the iPad (Sorry, but I really don’t like the app in the Appstore), and at the moment I have to download the audio, and then play it iTunes whilst having the web page open.

Will it include higher level targets? I’ve met the top targets for Russian and now I feel a bit unfocussed.

We aren’t releasing any details…so you’ll have to wait and see! Ok, ok…yes it does include the HTML5 player. Sorry skyblue, no higher targets but that is an issue we will look into in the near future.

I hope at least the “Import Bookmarklet” will have an option to open in a new tab or window.

I would like to see the “import bookmarklet” have the functionality to rate the level of the text.

The next update will not deal with all possible issues and improvements at LingQ. I suggest we look at what is there first.

Helen, we have not had success with automatic rating of difficulty level, especially across multiple languages. The best indicator for each learner will always be the “new words” number, once, of course you have created enough LingQs and studied long enough at LingQ to make this indicator accurate for you.

Is it possible in new version to change status from “known word” to “new word”, as it was possible in previous verssion? Sometimes I accidentally mark not known word as known, and now i can’t find how to change.

@merssy It works just the same way as before.

The funny thing is that now it is actually not: after selecting a word in the text it’s being selected as if it were a phrase (with a red cross in the corner) and it doesn’t stay blue after switching to another word.

@merssy - We’ve slightly changed the way this works, and words can no longer be put back to “New”. Instead, if you want to remove a word as a known word you can highlight the word then mark it as “Ignored”. We feel this makes more sense, since “New” is not meant to be a permanent status, it only helps you identify which words are new so you can save them, mark them as known or ignore them.

Thank you. But I see that it is possible to ignore “new” word. But if it is already marked as “known”? And, are there possibility to see known word list?

I have just started using the new version and I am having trouble using the lesson page. Is there a set of instructions somewhere? For example, I have not worked out how to save my hints. The Google translate window is very small. Can I make it bigger?

Can I find all the lessons in a particular collection in the library together?

@merssy - If a word is already marked as Known, you can simply highlight it and it will be blue again. Then, click on it to see it’s info in the Dashboard. Sorry, there is no way to see the Known Words list.

@rae68 - Have you watched the video we made about LingQ 2.0? - YouTube It will give you an idea of how things are supposed to work. Hints save automatically. You just have to hit enter or click away from the hint field. The dictionary window will expand to fill your screen size vertically. There is no way to expand it more than that.

To find all lessons in a course (we call collections courses now) simply click the “View course” link in the info pane on the lesson page or in the dropdown beside the Open button for one of the lessons in the library.