New lingQs reverting to unknown (blue)

I’m having a problem with linqqs reverting to unknown after closing lesson and upon reopening. I have imported a book that i am reading. In the third section/lesson (no problem until this lesson), i make my way through half the lesson making lingqs along the way. I close the lesson and come back later in the day or the next day and the entire lesson has reverted back to its original state. That is to say, all the links i created and changes of words and phrases to various states revert back to how it was as if i hadnt begun the lesson at all. this has happnned twice now. The starnge thing is that my number of known words is correct and lingqs made in the prior session show in my totals. When i go back through again to the beginning to change the unknowns to lingqs or known, i am given duplicate credit for making these lingqs. I have not checked if this is a problem in other lessons (sections)

here’s the link to a screen capture of this

Thanks, but that video is private and I can’t access it. Would you mind sending me the recording to support(at) Thanks! Link to a lesson you have a problem with will also help.