New LingQ - vocabulary review

I’m sorry if the topic has already been brought up on some other threads, but I haven’t found any information about it so far.
With the new app, I’m experiencing two issues with the vocabulary review function :

  • The original sentence does not appear with the answer, although it does on the computer version. It’s really a shame, as I’ve always thought one LingQ’s most powerful asset was precisely to always refer to the context, unlike so many mere flashcards language apps. I’ve examined all the settings, but it doesn’t seem to change anything.
  • After reviewing some words several times (and having correct answers), they’re still stucked at status “new”. I don’t really understand why there is no improvement… Do I have to assess it on my own?
    Otherwise there are some pretty cool improvements, at least for my use of LingQ (especially the option of importing a lesson from the app). I guess it still need some adjustments…
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We are familiar with both issues and our developers are working on it. Will be fixed in the next app update. Thanks!


I’ve seen an update has been pushed on 18th of February. Were the issues I’ve mentionned in my first post supposed to be fixed? On my side nothing has changed…

My only issue with the vocabulary review is that sometimes not enough context from the original text is provided, not even the entire sentence.


I have exactly the same issue. New update to fix this issue was announced already some time ago and has been postponed several times. Latest due date was supposed to be Wednesday March 2nd, but nothing has happened so far.
It is really frustrating beause it severly limits the use of the app.
This problem has existed now since updating to LingQ 5.0!!!

Any news about these issues? On my side the last update doesn’t seem to have solved anything… I really don’t want to, but I’m starting to consider suspending my subscription, at least until it is solved.

Sorry about the delay here, guys. I just reported the problem to our Android developers again. I’ll make sure it’s fixed asap!

Same here. Unfortunately, it’s still not working and I am really sad that I can only learn vocab on my computer, instead of learning on the phone while being outside. Please can you guys fix it soon! I wanna learn my vocab from everywhere, that would help my Learning so much!

Still nothing…? I have not been using the app for more than a month, basically since the release of the new version. I don’t want to sound annoying, but paying 12.99€ for nothing is kind of frustrating (even if I don’t mind supporting people who develop useful apps). I’m not a web developer, but it doesn’t look like something very difficult to fix…

New update was supposed to be released this week, but still no new version in the app store. I hope it’ll be resolved in a few days.

Sorry about the delay guys, we were testing new app version. It’s fine and should be released very soon.

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I’ve seen that the new update has been released. And I have already tested it.

It solves a few problems:

  1. Example sentences are now included in the flash cards
  2. When a vocabulary is reviewed twice correctly, its status changes by one and it is removed from the SRS due list

But there are some problems that remain:

  1. Status 4 vocabulary cards can’t be reviewed, as per error message in the screenshot. THis way, you cannot work completely through your due list. With the desktop website version, this is not an issue
  2. In the desktop website version, vocabulary is also removed from the SRS due list when you review it 0/2 or 1/2 times correctly. It keeps the same Lingq status, but the fact that it had been review removes it from the due list. This doesn’t work in the app - I keep getting the same vocabulary until I review them correctly 2/2.

Can you please confirm and consult with the development team?

I solve this by copying into the notes enough of the context that I can immediately recognize where the vocab comes from. I do this while reviewing (if its not already there from past reviews). Part of my practice is to reread the sentence/paragraph/bit of dialogue if I don’t recall the context automatically. Sometimes there might be several contexts in which the same vocab appears and then I might include more than one example…if helpful/interesting. I identify where the vocab comes from by maintaining a few documents with all Lingq text organized by story. I keep them in dropbox and handily accessible. To capture the context, I first copy the string I’m searching for, and then do a “find” on it in my document(s) and once I locate the string I copy it and paste it in the Notes…keeping in mind that punctuation may have been removed so it may be better to search on just part of the string. All of this is a bit of work but context is so important to me that it’s worth it.

I‘ve been solving this for quite some time by (selectively) maintaining my own version of the context in Notes.

I usually add the context to the Notes while reviewing (if its not already there from past reviews). Or it can be added to some/all of the vocab associated with a story after you’ve finished reading the story. Sometimes there might be several contexts in which the same vocab appears and then I might include more than one example, if helpful/interesting.

I identify where the vocab came from by maintaining a few documents with all my Lingq text, organized by story, in dropbox and handily accessible. Then I can easily copy however much of the context I want to store In Notes. (You could also locate the vocab using search facilities in Lingq but its then more of a hassle to grab the context).

All of this is a bit of work, but context is so important to me that it’s worth it to me. And I’ve been doing it all along, so just adding context to new vocab isn’t hard.

I almost never use LingQ on the desktop website, but I do have the same issue (1.), I can’t review all the SRS due list… I had not noticed it was due to the status 4 though!

@Golan_Trevize293 @opus104 Both of the mentioned issues will be fixed in the next app update.

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Almost 6 months after the release of the new version, I’m still experiencing issues with the vocabulary review. It’s getting a bit annoying to be honest.

  • the multiple-choice questions do not work well when a LingQ is composed of more than one word: the translation is simply not displayed at all and I have to guess completely at random.
  • when the LingQ is composed of more than two words, it never provides the original context.
  • the font of the original sentence is too big and therefore is often incomplete. It’s hard to guess a word from its context when the context is missing.
  • and finally, even though this is secondary, when I switch to another app during the vocabulary review (but without closing LingQ) , it automatically skips to the next word, regardless of whether I have already answered or not.
    I hope it can be fixed…

@opus104 Are you on Android app?

Hi @zoran, yes, I’m on Android.

New update, new bug: in the multiple-choice questions the answer is already filled in the text - for two-words or more lingqs.