New lingq versions


I´d like to suggest you some things could be improved in the next version of Lingq.

-When you import long texts with audio, Lingq splits them in to parts, however only the first part has got the audio. And the remaining 2 parts are only with text.

  • Also could be some option to make the text box bigger, everybody likes it different so if the size of the text box could be ajusted that would be amazing.

-Lingq is still not working properly if u want to watch videos, if u create a lingq u have to go all the way up to push play and put the video again (you loose the area where u r working and makingq lingqs everytime). I think that button of play video should be under the play of aaudio. or should be scrolling down together with the text.

  • On the iphone/android APP: Id would be nice to have the option to import text from the app and also to be able check your stats of known words lingq etc.

  • the app is also crashing often, i´d like to see the last lesson i opened, so when the app it crash i can open it again quickly, and i dont have to loose time finding it again among the many lessons of the courses.

Thats all, very excited to see how the new versions of lingq will be


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Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Regarding audio for long texts, we are unable to split the audio and we don’t think that putting the same audio file up for all parts makes sense. For those who want to do this, you will continue to have to upload the audio for the individual parts separately I’m afraid.
  • This is something we would like to have eventually for sure.
  • We do have plans to make this happen
  • This is on our list too.
  • Not crashing as often is on our list as well as quick access to your recent lessons
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thanks for the reply, cant wait to see the new changes.

I still the app almost impossible to use offline, as it continually crashes on IOS, whether I use the Ipad or the Iphone. Very frustrating. This is using the latest version.

Hi CTaylor,
When exactly the app crashes when you are using it offline? Does it just crashes randomly or you are doing something specific?

Hi, I thought I was the only one experiencing this issue. The app on my Iphone crashes whenever in airplane more. It seems like the app wants to communicate online and when it realizes it’s offline, it just shuts itself down. So I can open the app, and it will take about 5-10 seconds to crash.
Yes, it is very frustrating!

Hi Yiseu,
We’ll do our best to improve offline mode in next app version release. Until then, please try to reinstall the app, or to restart it after it crash and try again.
Thanks for your patience!


I don’t know how long you’ve been working with LingQ, but it feels like this issue is really not being taken seriously. There are lots of posts going back a long time about this issue. I had simply given up for a long time and was checking back in (I’m in Japan studying Japanese now) to see if you guys had ever done anything about it. It’s frustrating not only that the app doesn’t work, but that the issue hasn’t been addressed and I pay $40 a month is extremely frustrating.

In answer to your question – as if we were starting anew here – I’m simply trying to use the app in airplane mode! It doesn’t matter if I use my iphone 5, or if I use my ipad. You try to use it in airplane mode, and it crashes – for me instantly. It doesn’t matter if I use the playlist feature, or open a lesson. It crashes. It’s extremely unstable. This has been the case version after version after version of LinqQ for years now, although it used to work back when I was studying Spanish and traveling overseas for that, 2-3 years ago.

In Japan, it’s not easy to get Internet if you are roaming around and traveling as a visitor. The last thing I want to do is spend my time in Japan sitting home on the Internet learning. Let’s see, News in Slow French/Italian/Spanish languages all work mobily without Internet. Other language apps, we could name, work mobily, without Internet. This issue ought to have been buttoned up a long time ago. To me this is a major problem that anyone considering signing up for LingQ should be made aware of before hand, as LingQ is being represented as being able to do something it doesn’t do.


C, the fact is that most people don’t have a problem with the app in offline mode. There are two of you here with the problem and we believe there is an issue but without more information there isn’t much we can do. We are asking for what exact steps you are taking to cause the issue. Until we can recreate it, we can’t fix it. Offline to online and back again is a very tricky issue, especially in our case with all the bits of information that have to tracked and synced.

I should also let you know that our hands our currently tied on the iOS app since iTunes is requiring us to redo our registration process on the app before it will approve a new version. Therefore we are in a bit of a holding pattern as far as updates are concerned. There will likely not be a new update for a while. However, it may be another issue unrelated to the app itself that is causing the problems with your account. So, again, any direction in tracking down the issue will help. Perhaps you should send your login information to support so we can try logging in to your account and hopefully experiencing the crash that way.

These were my exact steps just now.

  1. I turn on airplane mode
  2. I open the LingQ app.
  3. This time it took 8 seconds (I counted) and the app shut itself off.

I have tried to reinstall the app. That didn’t help.

And I just turned off airplane mode and the app works fine.

The problem seems to be that the app wants to communicate even in offline mode/airplane mode. And when it fails to communicate, it doesn’t know what to do and shuts itself off. I remember last time I had an Iphone a few years back, there was a similar issue. The app would ask for the log in information, only in airplane mode, (obviously that never worked) but it would never ask me to login when my phone was connected.

Maybe these problems are related?



The fact is more likely that a lot of people just don’t bother to use airplane with IOS and/or don’t bother to write in. There is a long history of forum posts on this, so it’s not just two people. I think the better approach would be for someone on your team to actually use airplane mode using IOS exclusively for a couple of days and see, because I don’t think my exact steps are going to help much, as they are tantamount to simply using the app.

But for the sake of making it apparent, my steps are very similar to Yiseu’s. I have lessons that I have used while online/wifi in Spanish, French and Japanese. For example, I have say 6-10 in Japanese. I also have a playlist in Japanese with about 12 or so lessons.

Now, over the course of the years, months and even last several weeks, the precise way the app crashes, such as when it crashes, changes from time to time. Right this second, a couple of possibilities:

A: I’m in airplane mode.
(1) I open the app; (2) I open a lesson or open the playlist and start a lesson, (3) the lesson comes up; (4) within a few seconds, like about 5 or so seconds, the whole app disappears.

B: I’m not in airplane mode, and I have a lesson open, then I switch to airplane mode. (1) I play the lesson; (2) it might play for awhile, but usually have 20 seconds to a minute the app crashes as in A.

Yes, I can get you my log-in information if you want to play around with it. Just tell me how to securely do that and I will.


exactly the same for me with the iphone app:

  1. I turn on airplane mode
  2. I open the LingQ app.
  3. This time it took 8 seconds (I counted) and the app shut itself off.

I have tried to reinstall the app. That didn’t help.

And I just turned off airplane mode and the app works fine.

Thanks for sharing…

@CTaylor. Yiseu, Josu - After consulting with our dev team, they don’t think we will be able to submit a fix for the issue for the existing app because of new iTunes restrictions on our registration form. iTunes essentially won’t allow us to submit any more updates for the app until we change our registration process. Unfortunately, this means you are left with the current problems in offline mode.

We are working on a new version of the app which we hope to launch this quarter in which we will deal with the new registration requirements. In that app, the offline mode seems to be working better. For now, what we can do is offer those who want it, access to beta test the new app. It is far from polished or finished but it does allow you to study your lessons offline now. It has a few other wrinkles of course but if you are interested, let me know and we can set you up as beta testers. There will be bugs, as it is in development but it is working and a few of us are using it quite a bit internally. You will also be able to provide feedback on the new version.

Let me know if you are interested and I will contact you privately to arrange it.

Sure, I’ll try it. I assume if it’s too buggy to function I can go back to the current version? Just let me know how to start the beta version. Thx. c

I’m having the exact same problem. I’d really like to study while I’m flying from the U.S. to Japan but the app just crashes.