New LingQ Speak

Please post here on issues related to Speak and Discussions with tutors

Steve - I mentioned this on another forum - so please excuse the duplication. I cannot see any tutors or tutor schedules when I go to the “Speak” page. There are no tutors or conversations listed at all for most of the languages. The only tutor showing is one of the French tutors on the French page. Thanks!

I have the same: For German are no speaking events shown. But Annett and I offer Conversation times. This problem still exists. The correct tutor names are shown.

I used a test account and my own account. In both are no Conversations available.

Thank you and keep it coming. We will get there with your help.

Same. Japanese speaking events are not shown although I have scheduled them. Please take a look at it too? Thank you very much.

I would like to sign up for 1 on 1 conversation in English, but the conversations list only shows the ones that have been booked by someone else and thus are no longer available. There seems to be nothing available for the entire week. I would greatly appreciate it if you could look into this. Thank you!

Now I can book lessons again. Thank you!

Another problem: I cannot sign up 30 minutes at once. I marked to times for example 8:30am and 8:45am and only the first time was added to my conversation times.

Thanks, Vera. We’ll fix that.