New LingQ iPhone App Launched

In case you missed it, we have launched a new and improved iPhone app in the App Store on iTunes. We think it’s a major improvement on the initial flashcard app. You can now listen to and read your lessons on the app and see all yellow LingQs and see your Hint and Phrase at a touch. Of course, you can still flashcard your LingQs with a slightly improved interface and you can now also flashcard your LingQs of the Day for the last 5 days.

Best of all, you can do everything except the listening offline which is ideal for you iPod touch users. This app will only work for Basic, Plus and Premium members.

See more info here: LingQ for iOS or find it in the App Store here, ‎LingQ | Learn 42 Languages on the App Store.

Woaw! I love it!!

Mark, this app is great! I am using it with my iPad. Going to the site directly I can’t read and listen to a lesson at the same time, but through the app I can. I also like that I can see my daily flashcards without going to my email.

Mark this is kick-assssss!!

It’s like there’s a party in my mouth and everyone’s invited!!!

I’m glad you guys like it. It would be great if you could give us a good rating in the App Store for the app and if you feel motivated, to write us a nice review there. Those things will help more people find and take the app!

Mark, just one question: does the audio player buffer the audio? If I have a slow connection and the audio stops and starts while it’s streaming, I’ll often pause it to let it load fully and then play it through.

Wow, really blown away by the app. It’s worlds better than the previous one and an absolute delight to use~

@Chris - I’m not really sure about the buffering but obviously the audio is streamed and is affected by your internet connection quality and speed.

Thanks, biolife!

Ok, no worries. Works like a charm, anyway.

Mark, I have found a couple of problems in the texts showed in the app: all the German nouns have lost their capital initial (nouns start with a capital letter in German) and I see some question marks in the middle of sentences. They are minor problems but I hope they can be fixed. Great app, anyway!

@ mikebond - Thanks for the feedback. The issue with the capital letters is not something we were able to resolve. Sometimes a word in yellow can contain a capital letter when it shouldn’t and vice versa. This has to do with the form that was saved as a LingQ. I will try and reproduce the question mark issue.

Today, I’ve just uploaded all TOEIC part 2 section audio files and the texts for my personal use. Using this new application, I find it works really well. I appreciate it, thanks.